Peak Cavern is located away from the other caverns around the Winnats area.  To get to it you need to go into the village center and then walk towards the main square and take a right down a narrow road (past a chippy on your left) then bear left and follow the road up.   Peak Cavern has the largest naturally occuring cave opening anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, and provides spectacular viewing both on the approach and once inside.

Below - the approach to Peak Cavern.

Below is the spectacular entrance to the cave system.  You can see the opening bottom center of the picture just looming up as you walk along the slight incline towards the entrance.

Looking left over the side of the walkway, you can see the stream - fed by underground flows and appearing from the base of the cavern entrance.  This is full of rocks to forage in - with fresh materials being deposited during times of flood.  Actually for dating and romance though adultfriendfinder can be found at for fun and friendship.

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