On the Run up to the Rocks!

Approaching the area from the west, you will take the road up and over "rushup edge".  This long and fairly winding stretch provides some spectacular views, and if you stop virualy anywhere along this way, you will find rocks banded with Blue John, and also marine fossils from the Carboniferous period.

Pictured above, at the base of Rushup edge, the long haul into Castleton from the west.

As you travel further up the hillside, the views become more spectacular - we recorded ours on a dash cam. By the time you get to here,  even the stone walls are full of fossils, do not take any though, the area is well within the bounds of the Peak District National Park, and removing samples from this area is not allowed - never mind breaking down a farmers stone wall!

If we come from the East, we will travel together through Bamford and Hope where lots of people live - a flatter - more populated route - however

Looking over the edge can be quite daunting - its a long drop!

From the above picture, turn your head right and you will see road stretch out in front of you - follow this road all the way to Barber Booth, where you can find an ever increasing density of Blue John in the rocks on the ground.

Once you reach the top of Rush Up Edge, (pictured below) - you will find the popular Barber Booth area together with carparking and this can provide a good base from which to start your rock hunting expedition.  The area in the scene below is Barber Booth - and the the Nick at the top is known as "MAM NICK" - in this area there are Trilobites and Ammonites to be found in abundance.

Pictured above is "Mam Nick" - Calcium deposites and fossils of various types can be located there - just off the beaten path.

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